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1973 Ford Capri MK1

NZ$ 49990

Body Coupe
Odometer 148057
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2000 cc
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Yellow
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leather
Steering Rhd
The Ford Capri is a great car of the 70's.

The 1973 Ford Capri's were the Mk I face-lift models featuring the new grille, larger tail-lights and new interior and dash, then four months later the first- generation Capri was replaced by the second generation.

Parallels between the Mustang and the Capri are obvious but arguably the latter was the braver product planning move because what worked in the US did not always translate to Europe. And the Capri really was about Europe not just the UK. When the Mustang was unleashed on the American public, its extensive range of options packs – and wide choice of engines and transmissions – were hardly new, but European customers had not experienced anything like the Capri’s multifarious offerings. Nor, arguably, had any other comparatively inexpensive vehicle been so sexy, Jaguars excluded. Essentially, Capri was to Cortina as Mustang was to Falcon.


Beautiful in Yellow, Certificate Of Registration Available along with Factory Handbooks, service books etc.
Very clean, straight body and paint.
Tidy engine bay, boot and undercarriage.
Drives beautifully - goes exceptionally well.
Immaculate interior
Good chrome all round, rubbers etc
5 owners - first owner for 37 years - beat that :)
Michelin Tires - plenty of thread.
Well maintained and serviced vehicle.
Capri, a sunny name destined to become a big name in the car business.

To put it bluntly, the days of cheap and cheerful Capris are over. Buyer's are now prepared to spend big money on their cars. Top Capri's, especially Mk1s, can sell for NZD65,000 upwards. At the risk of contradicting ourselves, you may still find cheap Capris but their condition will be suspect and usually modded and bodged in an era where originality is now becoming increasingly critical on many classics, and Capris are no exception.

It may have started life as a prettier Cortina, but the Capri gained cult status as 'the car you always promised yourself' and it just got better with every passing year. This Capri is now a cult classic that’s up there with the best of them. Don't delay, as prices for good examples seem to be going up monthly.

Will be sold WOF'd and Registered.


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