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5555 XE Netherlands was founded in 2006 by Frank Kennis. It originated from a family company that has imported old-timers in the late sixties in France, Belgium, Germany Luxembourg and Denmark. In the late 80's of the last century, Frank joined Kennis Oldtimers Bergeijk and also markets in the U.S. and the UK were explored. Mid-nineties, the collection has grown so that we decided to turn the collection into a museum: Auto Museum Bergeijk, the name was later changed to AutomusA Bergeijk. In 2006 we decided that each of the owners go their own way: that is how Kennis Cars was created. In all my searches for a special classic, vintage, veteran and sportcars of the past 25 years, I have passed many collections and collector who continuously look for and offer good classic and sportcars. This has created in a large customer- as well as seacher base, which you as buyer and seller will benefit.

Specialism : (classic) Car trading, Restoration

We speak : English, Dutch